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  • Tikal Sunrise Tour

    Dawn over Tikal at the top of the main temple is an extraordinary experience. Watch the darkness lift to reveal the wondrous scene of temple peaks rising out of the endless jungle. Hear the jungle come to life as a soundtrack of howler monkeys, exotic bird song and other wildlife wakes up. With a 4am start, the tour begins shrouded in darkness as you make your way from the drop off point to the temple. Feel Tikal’s magic with THGuatemala and enjoy a truly special day in a truly special place.

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  • Tour to Tikal

    Want unforgettable? Want history? Want special? Then you have to visit Tikal. Climb the towering steps of the main temples to be rewarded with epic jungle views. Laugh with relief at finding out the ominous groans in the dense jungle are just howler monkeys. More than a just collection of ancient structures, Tikal is a living and breathing adventure. A UNESCO world heritage site, it has hundreds of structures with some dating as far back as 400 B.C. Every step around this exceptional place with THGuatemala will take you somewhere special.

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  • Tour Semuc Champey

    Semuc Champey’s fairy-tale quality comes from its glittering limestone pools embedded in the forest floor. On arriving, walk to El Mirador (the main viewing point) to get some outstanding pictures of the pools from above. Getting to the pools means an early start to reach their location on the Cahabón river. A trip of enchanted pools in a fairy-tale landscape awaits you in Semuc Champey with us.

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  • Tour to Tikal – one day

    If you are imitated on time, this tour is perfect for you, you can´t miss a Tikal tour if you are in Guatemala.

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  • Acatenango Volcano

    Get your hiking boots on and prepare yourself for another fantastic Guatemalan experience. The powerful and dramatic landscape of Acatenango’s twin peaks will leave you inspired and humbled at every turn. Much more challenging than Pacaya, it’s well worth the effort just to see Acatenango’s overpowering beauty. This captivating trip takes two days and one night. Day 1 takes you up the lower peak in around 6-8 hours. With Fuego Volcano right next door, you might even get a free fireworks show as the evening sets in. Day 2, at around 3am starts and takes you to the higher peak in a similar time. The summit view of Guatemala’s Pacific coast and arc of volcanoes will leave you literally (at 3976m/13045ft) and figuratively breathless. Get an entirely new perspective on this amazing world with THGuatemala.

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  • Pacaya volcano Hike

    Semi-private hike. Pacaya is an unforgettable adventure in the genuine sense of the word. The hike up one of Guatemala’s most active volcanoes is an unmissable experience. About an hour’s drive from Antigua, it’s a hike of moderate difficulty which most reasonably fit people can do. The hike up and down takes around 6 hours which includes time spent at the peak. Pacaya is awe-inspiring, surreal and put simply a one-off experience. The combination of seeing nature’s power being used to toast marshmallows (bags can be bought at Pacaya’s start point) will leave you scratching your head in wonder on many levels. Have an experience to remember with THGuatemala.

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  • Guatemala Mundo Maya Tour

    An Old World full of New Discoveries
    A 13-day and 12-night tour (with a flexible schedule) of Guatemala’s highlights.
    This package gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in everything this mystical land has to offer.

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  • Antigua Guatemala – colonial walking tour

    Overflowing with history and world-class colonial architecture, Antigua is a highlight of any trip to Guatemala. This wonderfully preserved UNESCO world heritage site used to be Guatemala’s capital. It was the economic, political, religious and cultural centre of the country until the devasting earthquake of 1773. Antigua Guatemala is located an hour far from Guatemala City

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