About Guatemala

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Why Guatemala

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We have the most beautiful landscapes of the whole world. Our people and our traditions will make you fall in love with us.
  • Atitlán Lake
  • Tikal
  • Semuc Champey
  • Xela
  • Antigua Guatemala
  • Lanquin
  • Fuentes Georginas
  • Everyplace is beautiful!

About Guatemala

Known as the land of eternal spring Guatemala is the beating heart of the Mayan world. The legacy of this once great civilization dates back over four thousand years and its culture still live and breathes in the country today. From the practice of ancestral traditions to its vibrant traditional dress Guatemala lets you see, touch and taste its culture and history in a way that other countries just can’t.

As the heart of the Mayan world Guatemala is home to some of the cultures most important archaeological sites. The jungle cities of Tikal, Yaxhá, El Mirador, Quiriguá and Q’umarkaj stand out as some of the most impressive examples of this once great people’s power and dominance.

The unique geography of Guatemala means it also overflows with ecological riches. It is home to more than 720 bird species and has an astonishing variety of micro-climates. The level of diversity in its animal and plant life is truly the envy of the world.

All trips to and from Guatemala go through the Capital’s international airport. There are also domestic commercial flights to the three main regional airports of Flores (Tikal), Puerto Barrios (Caribbean coast) and Retalhuleu (Pacific coast). This makes travelling to the country’s major destinations a quick and simple experience.

Guatemala’s color and grandeur will capture your heart while the its daily life will immerse your senses in the sounds, scents and people of the country. Its blend of hospitality, ancient culture and inspiring landscapes make Guatemala the ideal destination for your vacation. Experience thousands of years of history, art and culture in the natural beauty of an ancient landscape.

Experience thousands of years of history, art and culture in the natural beauty of an ancient landscape.

So, are looking for a truly memorable experience? Find it in Guatemala. Its inspiring landscapes, culture and history give you an experience that goes beyond a standard vacation. Do you want history? Then stand at the top of Tikal’s main temple at sunrise and feel this ancient place come to life.

Do you want adventure? Then climb to the peak of the Pacaya volcano and toast marshmallows over lava. Do you want to relax? Then take a stroll along Antigua’s colonial streets and learn about its history and culture. Whether it’s a nature trek, Mayan history or simply enjoying the majesty of this beautiful country, Guatemala never disappoints. So, join us at THGuatemala and book your truly memorable adventure now.


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