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  • Wellness tour

    Wellness tour

    Reconnect your spirit in the magical forest of Totonicapán.

    This one-day trip will take you to find yourself, you will be guided to calm your mind, let go of your stress and dedicate this moment of internal connection just for you, exercising your body in a harmonic way, connecting with your whole being.

    You will become aware of everything that surrounds you, while you will enhance your senses by coming into contact with nature, increasing your presence in your surroundings


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  • Bike Tour Xela

    RUTA I-9:

    It´s a route well designed to explore the most emblematic point of the city with a low level of dificulty. You must bike 6.5 kilometres a long over the tour, doing stops on 9 destinations we have prepare, also, on the way you will have access to 2 places to use the toilet and the sped biking will up to you. During the experience you will see the city in a different way, you will learn interesting facts of many buldings and important characters in our history that will make you to undersand our life now a day.

    Some places you will see:

    • Cementery,
    • Theater,
    • Churches,
    • Schools,
    • Parks among others.
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  • Dentistry

    Guatemala is known as the heart of the Mayan world or the Land of Eternal Spring. It has a vibrant living Mayan culture which stretches back over four thousand years. Its legacy can be seen up to the present day through the daily traditions and culture of the Guatemalan people.

    There are also other great reasons to visit Guatemala such as the range of high-quality medical services it offers, particularly in Quetzaltenango.

    Quetzaltenango is home to a variety of medical specialists with international experience. It has a range of clinics that offer treatments using the latest technology and which are certified at a national level.

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  • Rostro Maya Hike

    Get some of the best views possible of the Atitlan, San Pedro and Toliman volcanoes. Seeing these volcanoes all together reminds you of the powerful forces responsible for carving out this majestic landscape. Rostro Maya is a somewhat difficult hike that lasts around 5 hours and takes you to about 2265m above sea level. The first stop is at San Juan La Laguna, a picturesque town, with friendly people and spectacular views, that´s the case of the Kaqasiiwaan viewpoint, which is our second stop. After, We will start the hike. This hike requires a very good physical condition, since the level of difficulty is high, but it is worth it. Get spectacular views of these inspiring volcanoes on the shortest of these great hikes with THGuatemala.

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  • Atitlan Volcano Hike

    Love hiking and adventure? Then this challenging hike has everything you need. Forest environments, a beautiful sunrise, and last but not least Atitlan’s mesmerising natural beauty. The tour starts with a trip from Panajachel to Santiago Atitlan, where the equipment is waiting for you. The hike takes one night – two days. The first day you will go up until get the camp base that is locater 45 minutes before getting the top. We prepare dinner and sleep there, next day at 4:00am we start walking again to get the top, and the most spectacular views of other volcanoes and the Lake Atitlan. The trip requires a good level of fitness and is ideal for those with a keen interest in hiking. Be challenged and get rewarded with some of the best panoramic views of the lake with THGuatemala.

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  • Coffee Tour

    Stunning scenery, the finest coffee in the world, and all with sustainability at its heart. See how local cooperative producers grow, pick and process some of the world’s finest coffee beans. Come along and enjoy this fascinating trip with THGuatemala.

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  • Lake Atitlan Tour

    This is a semi private tour that will allows you to understand a bit more Mayan culture and life.

    A must see amongst on any Guatemalan trip, Atitlan has much to offer. Our village tour is the perfect way to experience Atitlan’s beautiful vistas, artisan communities, and indigenous cultures.

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  • Traditional food tour – Quichóm

    This is a unique immersion into the Mayan culture, history and life now a day. Our chef, full of knowledge about the history of our ancestors, about the species, vegetables and fruits, is extremely happy to show and teach you how to prepare a traditional Maya Quiché food called “Quichóm”.

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