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  • The Colonial Church Tour

    This is a great day trip from Xela that takes around 4 hours. The tour takes you to the oldest Catholic church in Central America, La Ermita de Salcajá, and the vibrant, striking and unforgettable San Andres Xecul.

    La Ermita de Salcajá was built in 1524 and is home to the oldest statue of the Virgin Mary in Central America. The statue was transported from Spain and is a great historical example of the colonial power’s desire to convert the indigenous people.

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  • The Hot Springs

    The hot springs is a half day out for you to relax and enjoy the full benefits of Quetzaltenango’s best known hot springs. About an hour’s drive from Xela, this is a popular destination for the locals and visitors to the town. The site includes a restaurant and cabins for overnight stays while there are onsite lockers and towels available for visitors. This natural beauty spot is the perfect way for you to take the chill out of those cold highland mornings.

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  • Hike Chicabal Volcano

    This the sacred heart of the Mam-Mayan Cosmovision. On a clear day, Chicabal’s highest point gives you a magnificent view of Guatemala’s Pacific coast and its other impressive volcanic peaks. It’s a gentle climb that lasts about 2 hours to get up to the top and one more to go down.

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  • Hike Santa María Volcano

    Santa Maria’s peak rewards you with fabulous views of the volcanic chain that has shaped Guatemala’s diverse landscape. Look out across the Pacific south coast and feel the satisfaction as you take in the epic landscape. At 3772 m (12400ft), Santa Maria is a tough and demanding hike that requires preparation and planning. With a tough 4-hour ascent and 3-hour descent, Santa Maria is ideal for experienced hikers who enjoy a challenge. Want a big challenge with big rewards? Then come with THGuatemala on your Santa Maria volcano adventure.

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  • Xela City Tour

    Quetzaltenango is Guatemala’s second city and its cultural heart. Affectionately called Xela (Shay-la), over 50% of Quetzaltenango’s population is Mam-Mayan and Quiche, and it has the unofficial title of ‘Guatemala’s Mayan Capital’. The city’s central square, Parque a Centro America, is at the heart of its historic centre. Lined with beautiful colonial buildings including, a theatre and cultural centre, this relaxed, friendly city there is plenty to see and do in. Take a guided tour and get to know this fascinating place a little better with THGuatemala.

    What will I see during on tour? – Parque Central, The Cathedral, the City Hall, Pasaje Enriquez, the Theater and much more.

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  • Hike to El Mirador – La Danta

    If you are looking for a unique experience int the jungle in Guatemala, this expedition is for you. It´s a 5 days walking into a rainforest with the propose of finding El Mirador. The adventure starts at Carmelita Community, from here to there you will be deep in to the Multiple Use Zone and the Mirador-Río Azul National Park. Of course, you love nature for this hike as we Will be in the mettle of more than 200  Mayan Cities in a lush tropical rainforest, home to a great diversity of plants and animals.

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  • Yaxha Tour

    These beautiful ruins were once the capital of a great Mayan territory. In the northeast of Peten, in Yaxha national park, this once great city had strong links to Tikal. The site has everything you’d expect from ancient ball courts to temples to palaces. Climbing the main temple offers a magnificent view of the beautiful Yahxa lake. Its unique location means Yaxha is also blessed with amazing bio-diversity. Journey with THGuatemala to the heart of Peten and rediscover a lost world.

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  • Crater Azul Tour

    If you love swim and explore, this is the perfect tour for you. Crater Azul is a Lake with a shape of a crater. The blue and clear water makes this place a natural paradise, as you will be able to swim in the mettle of fishes and aquatic plants.

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