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Patients can save between 30 and 70 percent on medical bills compared to the US and still receive the same high-quality service.

One of the strengths of Quetzaltenango is the wide options of professional dentistry, so that you can compare and decide wherever you get the most convincing treatment plan and best cost estimate.

You can also travel with a friend or partner and enjoy Guatemala’s culture and natural beauty which takes in mountains, volcanoes, lakes, architecture, music and art.

1 DAY PROCEDURES – Check-up – Cleaning – Bleaching – Dental fillings  

Check-up: this involves an assessment of the patient’s dental health which includes x-rays and a dental examination. The check-up determines the length, type, and the cost of treatment. The check-up is performed on all patients and lasts between 15 minutes to half an hour.

 Cleaning:  this can help inflamed gums. It removes tartar build-up as well as staining caused by tea, coffee, wine, cigarettes, and other sources. Cleaning can help prevent tooth decay and should be carried out every six months.  Cleaning lasts approximately 20 minutes and is suitable for patients that are 13 or older.

Note: No additional pre- or post-care is required.

Whitening: these procedures are carried out using hydrogen peroxide in combination with halogen light. Patients should have a cleaning done before beginning any whitening treatment as this determines whether the patient is suitable for the procedure.

This treatment is suitable for patients who have tooth discoloration from smoking, coffee, and natural or other causes.

Type of Whitening:  ZOOM WHITENING

Duration:  an hour and a half. No home procedures are required, everything is done in the clinic under the supervision of professionals.

Patients should avoid coffee, tea, or foods that may stain their teeth for 48 hours after the procedure.

Side effects: there may be sensitivity for a couple of days after the procedure. Patients will be prescribed a toothpaste for sensitive teeth and prescribed painkillers if required. This procedure is only suitable for adult patients.

Fillings:  dental fillings generally require a single appointment. A filling repairs any damage caused to the tooth by cavities or other issues.  Each procedure takes about thirty minutes per filling. If more fillings are required, then the appropriate number of appointments will be arranged.

Multiple fillings can be carried out in a single appointment, depending on the type of problem, with a maximum of 10 fillings in any one day.

Important notes:

  • The recommended number of fillings in a day is 4.
  • If required, local anesthesia will be used to reduce pain during the procedure.
  • Our fillings use VOCO products due to the reputation the German brand has for excellence in dentistry.  All filling products used have an aesthetic finish (composite or porcelain fillings).
  • Sensitivity may occur for a couple of days after the procedure. This is easily treated with painkillers.
  • It is recommended that patients who had anesthesia administered during the procedure do not eat anything until its effects have worn off.

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