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T&H Guatemala, we are dedicated to the planning and organization of health and leisure travel in Guatemala.

T&H is a business dedicated to the planning and organizing of health & leisure holidays in Guatemala. Our ethos is to deliver high quality services that match the needs and aspirations of the client. Our team is committed to offering an ethical and professional service 365 days a year. We strive towards being committed and competitive in seeking to understand and meet the present and future needs of our clients, inside and outside of the country. We want receiving a medical procedure outside of your home country, combined with the ecology, culture and gastronomy of Guatemala, to be the best option.

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Eco and Social Tourism


The Chicabal volcano and lake are considered as one of the most sacred ecological sites in the Mayan Cosmo vision. They are used for carrying out rituals and ceremonies, especially praying for rain. This picturesque volcano mixes Mayan-Mam spirituality and stunning mountain scenery with the mysterious lake in the crater of the volcano and its mystical cloud forest. On arriving at the site you can see birds such as the Quetzal and many other species of great importance to the national fauna.

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