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If you are wondering, what to do in Xela?  -Here is some ideas about it, if you have any questions or If you would like to discover more options, feel free to contact us!
Tour of churches: This is an amazing and cultural experience, traveling from Xela to Salcajá and then to San Andrés Xecul.

    • Salcajá: The owner of La Conquistadora or La Hermita, the first church constructed in Central America. The name La Conquistadora refers when Spain declared Guatemala as a conquered area.
      After, we will visit a family, the traditional family that produce the famous “Caldo de Frutas” which is a wine made by tropical fruits, fermented for around a year. A strong beverage!!
    • San Andrés Xecul: With its beautiful and colorful church which you will not see anywhere else in the world. The church is adorned with images, beautiful yellows and oranges which appear to make it come alive.
    • Hot Springs: A paradise on the earth!!
      Baths containig thermal mineral waters from natural springs, surrounded by a beautiful primary rainforest. Four pools of varying temperatures are fed by hot sulfur springs and framed by a steep, high wall of tropical vines, ferns and flowers.
    • Chicabal Lagoon and Volcano: considered as one of the most sacred ecological sites in the Mayan Cosmo vision. They are used for carrying out rituals and ceremonies, especially praying for rain. This picturesque volcano mixes Mayan-Mam spirituality and stunning mountain scenery with the mysterious lake in the crater of the volcano and its mystical cloud forest.
    • Zunil: 90% of the population belongs to the indigenous group Quiché and the region is protected by four volcanos, Santiaguito, Santa María, Zunil and Santo Tomas, whose mineral-rich volcanic waters offer their visitors many health benefits.
Quetzalatenango, Guatemala
You will see a little yellow church uphill
Hot pring
If you love nature, spa and hot spring; you are welcome to Quetzaltenango and Travel & Health Guatemala. Because we have an amazing trip where you can enjoy a superb natural spa in a spectacular setting.
  • Chocolate Tour: You can enjoy all cacao history in Guatemala in one place, Xela.
  • Xela Night: An active city, all around Xela is full of bars, restaurants, coffee shops to enjoy the day but, when night comes you can practice you “Salsa” is many clubs to go dancing all kinds of rhythms: Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, cumbia even regue.
  • Cerro el Baul
  • Cerro Quemado / La Muela
  • Santa Maria Volcano
  • Santiaguito Volcano
  • Canoppy
  • Street food tour: You can enjoy the best food in the world but in a safety way. There is many places on the street where eating food in no too bad and dangerous and with us you can enjoy it.
  1. Plátanos Fritos
  2. Enchiladas
  3. Atol de elote
  4. Tacos
  5. Tortas
  6. Helados …

I can you give you many more reasons to travel to Quetzaltenango but I suggest to contact Travel & Health Guatemala to find out more.

We organize everything and will be with you throughout your adventure in order to make sure you have the best time possible. Transportation, accommodation, Guatemalan food, Spanish, activities and much more.


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