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Spanish on-line, or any other language, this is a marvelous method to learn a new language without leave you country. But, this method is just in case you cannot leave your country, because the best option to learn another language is traveling, immersion and living the real life of people.

Responsibilities, job, family, not enough money and many other reasons have caused many people and students to search for alternatives to learn, practice and improve their Spanish skills. Online education has clearly become one of the most popular higher education alternatives for child, adults and even greybeard.

All of this means that students or people in general can study, talk, learn and enjoy Spanish classes from home, office, school, in the middle of their favorite park, coffee shop etc…

Some advantages to lean Spanish on-line :

  1. Variety of courses and programs: If you need to improve your Spanish for special reasons like a Job, interview, for volunteering programs; Spanish on line is useful because your teacher is focused on your needs and level.
  2. Lower cost than traveling to another country: Even though is better to have the opportunity to travel the country, Spanish on-line is an option if you don´t have the time or money to travel abroad with the propose of learning a new language with a native Spanish teacher.
  3. Convenience and flexibility schedule: This is the best part of the student, because many times you cannot adapt your schedule to the university or school schedule, well, study Spanish On-line you can finish your day and then talk your teacher; or you can use your free time to take some classes during the day. Or maybe when child are sleeping you can connect on-line and talk Spanish with your native Spanish Teacher.
  4. More interactions and knowledge than just Spanish classes: This is because your Spanish teacher is going to talk to you about the culture, traditions, life etc. of her own country. So, without traveling the country you will be able to imagine how life is in other countries outside your comfort zone.

I can you give you many more reasons to study Spanish On-Line but I would like to talk  about this girl!

Her name is Yessika and she have taught Spanish for the past 8 years to people from all over the world. she have worked with many American, European and Asian students the past few years here in  Guatemala.

Regardless if you are an absolute beginner or advanced student, she have the necessary skills and experience to help you reach your goals.

  • Beginner level
  • Intermediate level
  • Advanced level
  • Higher level
  • University studies
  • Job interview
  • Conversation
  • Reading, writing, listening and more …

Here is here information:

Skype: Yessika_1990

Or check it out her page

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