Holidays in Guatemala

LAKE ATITLÁN: Is one of the most important places in Guatemala, romantic and majestic. A wonderful view of the lake, surrounded by three volcanoes, Atitlán, Toliman and San pedro. This beautiful lake is a natural gift where you can relax, and find yourself! 

The most beautiful lake in the world.
It is a lake in the Guatemalan Highlands

ANTIGUA GUATEMALA: A colonial city, full of beautiful buildings with a long history, the best coffee shops, stores, museums bars, restaurants you can find, all this in Antigua.  So, if you want to find something special, in Antigua all Restaurants and Bars offer variety according to the type of food, price and cuisine you wish.

The city reflects the old buildings, old churches, the restaurant in Antigua Guatemala with small balconies, the central plaza, etc. But the most colorful and beautiful decoration of the city is the people wearing those amazing clothes with so many details, that you can spend many time admiring them and making up a story of every figure in the costume…

Things to do in Guatemala
Volcanoes, churches, architecture and much more….

XELA OR QUETZALTENANGO:  The second most important city in Guatemala, in the city there are cinemas, nightclubs, restaurants and shopping centers, which offer fun for locals and visitors; those who like to relax, enjoy the real Guatemalan life and talk in the pews with foreigners and locals, or walk around the central park. From Xela is easy to travel around, trekking mountains and volcanoes or exploring small Mayan villages, such as.

If at any time you want to experience the culture, traditions and ecology of Guatemala, Quetzaltenango is the ideal place to do it
  • Santa Maria Volcano
  • Santiaguito Volcano
  • Chicabal Volcano and lake
  • Zunil
  • Almolonga
  • Salcaja
  • San Andrés Xecul

HOT SPRINGS OR FUENTES GEORGINAS: This beautiful place is famous because of its thermal-water baths with healing properties are located very near Almolonga; its waters flow from the furnaces of the Cerro Quemado volcano.

In this place you can swim on three pools full of hot water, useful to reduce stress.

A superb natural spa in a spectacular setting.
This paradise is located on Quetzaltenango, Guatemala; in a small Mayan village called Zunil.

I can you give you many more reasons to travel to Guatemala but I suggest you contact Travel & Health Guatemala to find out more.

We organize everything and will be with you throughout your adventure in order to make sure you have the best time possible. Transportation, accommodation, Guatemalan food, Spanish, activities and much more.

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