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Day by day is making usual to travel with family and it is a lot of reasons to do it; for example:
  • Parent spend almost all the day working, and that’s reasonable because they have to pay all the bills. Should be hardest if just mom or dad works to pay it.
Holidays in Guatemala
Guatemala offers you the opportunity to enjoy your holiday with your family.
  • Children spend almost all the day at the school or making sports, this is good because is for their own benefit too, and they have a lot of fun spending time with their friends, but they do not talk and share with their parents.

All this happens a lot of months during the year and communication is, day by day, less and less…

And I wonder, Why not to travel with parents, grandparents, uncles, cousins and enjoy different experiences in a new country?

  • When you do a family trip, you will start growing your “Family communication”:

This happens because you have to do some decisions, and you will be forced to ask and talk about it. Like: when will be better to do the trip, to don’t interfere anyone activities. Also you will have to talk about places to visit, activities to do etc…

Trust on me, a family trip makes improve your relationship between your family, and this is because at home in your “family routine” you have to do and talk about boring things but during your trip, you will find fun things to do, you will talk and laugh about anecdotes, if you are traveling with children, they will talk about new things they have seen…. if you travel with adolescents they will see the differences between their home country to the country they are visiting and maybe it would be useful to make them to understand all good and bad things they have. Usually a family trip makes adolescents to value the life they have.

  • Another reason is that you, as a parent, discover/realise or confirm some skills about your children that is hardest to see at home… And this is because while traveling people require more energy, common senses and humour, tolerance etc… Traveling help you to know much better your family members.

In my opinion, this one is the most important and I am sure you will be in agree with me.

  • OPEN MIND!! For adults, adolescents and children is the same benefit…

To see your wife, husband and children respectful about other culture, religions, races, languages, ecology etc… It is a pleasure of a happy family!

At the end of your family trip you will see your photos and will be anxious of your next trip… This is what happens with the families who have been traveling in Guatemala, one or two year later they come again, maybe with a new member in the family.

Chicabal Volcano
Guatemala has a lot of culture, traditions and nature to share with people from all over the world.
Family trip!
A colonial City full of history!
A superb natural spa in a spectacular setting.
This paradise is located on Quetzaltenango, Guatemala; in a small Mayan village called Zunil.

Travel & Health Guatemala is your option to enjoy a safe and fun family trip.

We organize all you need and we will be with your adventure to make sure you are enjoying it. Transportation, accommodation, Guatemalan food, Spanish, activities for children, trips for their parents and a baby-sitter to help you with your children if you need it.

What are you waiting for?

Guatemala and T&H Guatemala is waiting for you….

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