10 places to visit in Guatemala this 2018

Trip to Waterfalls La Igualdad

# 1
Tikal: National Park‬ encompasses 575 square kilometres of jungle and thousands of ruined structures.
The central part of the ancient city alone contains 3,000 buildings and covers about 16 square kilometers.

Honeymoon in Guatemala
Guatemala as a honeymoon destination.

# 2
Antigua Guatemala: It is among the world’s best conserved colonial cities, it is a magic and captivating small town that makes you feel time might have stopped some 300 years ago.

# 3
Semu Champeya series of turquoise water pools suspended on a natural land bridge under which the river passes. Recommended for those adventurous people who loves nature.

# 4
The Lanquín Caves: It is an enormous and beautiful complex containing countless chambers and beautiful limestone formations. The complex is huge and has never been fully explored.

# 5
Pacaya volcano: If you have you dreamed about touching the lava, this is the opportunity.

Volcanoes in Guatemala.
Guatemala has 33 volcanoes and Pacaya is one of the three active volcanoes!

# 6
Quetzaltenango or Xela: The second most important city in Guatemala,perfect to study Spanish As A second language.

# 7
Hot Springs: Fuentes Georginas, a superb natural spa in a spectacular setting. With four pools of varying temperatures are fed by hot sulfur springs and framed by a steep, high wall of tropical vines, ferns and flowers.

# 8
Chicabal lagoon and Volcano: It is considered to be one of the most sacred ecological sites in the Mayan Cosmo vision. They are used for carrying out rituals and ceremonies, especially praying for rain.

Chicabal Volcano
Guatemala has a lot of culture, traditions and nature to share with people from all over the world.

# 9
Lake Atitlan: Lake Atitlán is the most beautiful lake in the world. It is surrounded by craggy mountains and three traditionally shaped volcanoes.

# 10
Waterfals La Igualdad: Noted as some of the highest in Guatemala and Central America, are located on the slopes of the Tajumulco volcano. The site has a wide variety of flora, fauna and offers the opportunity to bathe in hot springs.

Trip to Waterfalls La Igualdad
Noted as some of the highest in Guatemala and Central America.
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  • Jen Ambrose

    I visited Guatemala a few years ago, but sadly only made it to a couple of those places. Would love to go back!

    • admin

      You are welcome to more!!

  • Marie

    I know that Guatemala has so much to offer, but your list made it even more clear to me. I can’t wait to visit this beautiful country! Pacaya volcano is on my list!

    • admin

      I know, this volcano is unique. You are welcome if you are planning a trip you have freinds here!!


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