Trek Nebaj to Todos Santos

Nebaj to Todos Santos Hike



Hike Nebaj to Todos Santos
6 days trek Nebaj to Todos Santos, experience and capture the most wonderful picture at the Mayan towns, mountains and lovely landscapes of volcanoes, a unique experience walking thought small villages, living a nice experience with local families and enjoy Temescal.

Join us to the amazing 6 days trek  Nebaj to Todos Santos, experience and capture the  most wonderful picture  at the Mayan towns, mountains and lovely landscapes of volcanoes, a unique experience walking thought small villages, living a nice experience with local families and enjoy Temescal.


This is a unique hike, a life experience!

4 days walking + 2 days using public transportation to move from one place to another, experience a real life of people living on the road to Nebaj and Todo Santos.

A 60 kilometers of distance and an altitude of 3837 meters above sea level.

The point with the highest elevation in Central America is a mountain chain, non-volcanic, called “La Torre”.

The adventure will start in Quetzaltenango, but the hiking will start in Nebaj, Ixil Region  to get to Todos Santos.

This is a unique experience where you will explore a non-explored mountain chains, Sierra de los Cuchumatanes, where people live the ancestral culture, with a road of stoun.  We will walk around different areas, such as:

Maya Ixil, Nebaj, Acul, Xexuxcap; this is a Quiche Xexom area.

Chortiz, Pajul pais, until to get the Pericon river with a wonderful waterfall.

La Capellanía, La Ventosa and La torre is a Mam área. Until to get to Todos Santos where we will cross a mountain chain, non-touristic area, that has wonderful landscapes of green valleys of pines, firs, juniperus, oak, arbutus, barren plateaus cforests.  This region was one of the most damaged during the civil war. A civil war of 36 years in Guatemala.  A sad but true history you will learn while the tour.


A trip from Quetzaltenango to Nebaj to stay there and walk around the town in the afternoon.



Wake up early in the morning to star walking to Acul, a lovely place, with a wonderful landscape of the hills. We will pass and spend some time at the “Fabrica de Quesos” “Cheese factory”.  Following our walking passing through Xexuxcap, ending in Xexocom which is a community shelter.  A long walking during the first day, between 8 to 10 hours walking in the middle of villages, camp and forests.




The departure time is early, as the second day, in order to find wonderful landscapes of the highlands and its very eroded and desolate sediment rocks unique in Guatemala and Central America. We will pass by Chortiz, a small town to get to Pajul, where we will stay at night.

Nebaj to Todos Santos Trek
A lovely trek where you will appreciate rural villages, volcano landscapes and a real life of Guatemalans.



An early wake up to go deep in the valley, where we will find a huge river with waterfalls that divide the mountain chain and Quiche and Huehuetenango limits. During the walk we will pass by small villages with lovely and kind people who will give us a smile while we are on our road to get to La Ventosa where we will stay the fourth night, a lovely host family, Maya Mam.


This wonderful day, we will arrive to “La Torre” which is 3837 meters above sea level sea, the highest non-volcanic point of Central America. We will enjoy a wonderful landscape of the highest volcanoes in central America, Tacana, Tajumulco, Santa María and Acatenango volcanoes. After this we will go down to get to a small natural pool and waterfall that will allows us to rest some and continue the road to get to Todos Santos, famous for it s traditional and unique way of dressing. We will stay there.


Time to go back to Quetzaltenango. We will get up early in the morning to take a bus to Huehuetenango and then the next bus to Quetzaltenango. With a 5 hours trip to go back.


What do you need?

Front tamp, camera, gloves, raincoat, good and comfortable shoes to hike and walk, comfortable cloths, a backpack, sandals, sun cream, sunglasses, a thermal jacket and personal items.


Public Transport, guide, meals, homes tying, Temescal a maya sauna, also called Tuj, sleeping bag and mat.

But if you have your own camping equipment would be better.



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