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If you have been traveling around Guatemala and the rest of Central America, you are welcome to share your most wonderful experiences about your trip, also your recomendations, things to do and some advises you consider a traveler and tourst must kwno before a trip.

If it´s going to be the first time to explore this wonderful country, we recommend you to read some advices before your trip, just to make your experience in Guatemala unforgettable.

Advise # 1 it´s about the language: Remember, Guatemala is a multicultural and multilingual country,  Spanish is the first language but there are 22 Mayan language, one Xinca and one Garifuna. It means a lot of languages all over the country. We recomend to have the basic of Spanish if you are going to travel in a non tourstic areas in Guatemala but if you are planning to visit the main tourstic places, do´t worry, English is the common language.

Here is a link to evaluate your Spanish Level or to Study the basic knowledges:


Advise # 2: About the best sights in Guatemala: We have to be honest, Guatemala is a small country but impossible to explore fully in just one trip. This beautiful contry has all, weather you are a nature lover and trekker you will hike the highest volcano in Central America, Tajumulco Volcano, you can experience a volcano exruption from Santa Maria Volcano or hiking Pacaya Volcano. If you want to learn about Mayan culture, Quetzaltenango has a living culture and traditions a city willing to share its mysticism. But if you love history Petén is the perfect area to learn about our ancestry, the architecture, archelogy and history of the most wonderful divilization.

The natural beauty of Guatemala is stunning, the Lake Atitlán, with its three volcanoes to protect it. Semuc Champey and Lanquin it’s impossible to forget, Antigua Guatemala, one of the most beautiful colonial cities in Latin America, full of history.

Advise # 3: Here we go with the safety in Guatemala:  We have to talk about this topic because around the world is talked about how dangerous is traveling in Central America. What we have to say is that, as well as other touristic countires, it´s important to follow  some common senses travel tip to avoid bad experiences:  Don´t walk alone so late at night, specially if you are a women or you are drunk, dont take to much money on your wallet ot things like that.


We can continue talking more and mores about topics about traveling Guatemala but, we preffer you to make us the specific  questions you have, would be a really pleasure to advise you and help you to have the most wonderful expereince traveling the country, so feel free to text and ask.

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