The Refugio de Quetzal

This is a wonderful setting that allows you to understand why nature is at the heart of Mayan folklore. Set in a cloud forest at the foot of the Tajamulco volcano, the reserve is one of the best places to see Guatemala’s striking national bird. A specialist guide will take you around the reserve to ensure you have the best chance of seeing the Quetzal. If seeing Guatemala’s national bird is your goal, then the best time to visit is between November to April.

So, whether visiting for just a day or a longer stay, the reserve’s wild tropical jungle entangles your imagination in its dense and mysterious inner world. If you’re a nature enthusiast, this is an unmissable opportunity to see the Quetzal and Guatemala’s other captivating wildlife. Book now by clicking below or please email us via the contact form with any questions.

Tour DetailsTrip Summary

Availability: Mon-Sun.
Total trip time: 7 hours.
Departure time: 5:00am from Xela.
Price: $95.00 – minimum 2 people.
Included: Private transportation, box lunch, specialized – local guide, entrance fee.
Additional costs: some extra money in case you would like to buy food or drinks.
What to bring? Good shoes, wind or rain jacket, sunscreen, and at least 2 litters of water.
Useful Information
During the mating and nesting season from December till May, Quetzals can be seen almost every day. February, March and April are the most spectacular because the Quetzals are always close to their nests and easy to see.

THGuatemala Refugio del Quetzal

THGuatemala Refugio del Quetzal