Traslados a Tapachula

De: Xela

A: Tapachula

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On January 15, an estimated one millions pilgrims from Central America and Mexico gather at the Basilica to honor the Black Christ of Esquipulas. The Basilica of Esquipulas is a wonderful work of Christianity in America, a colossal idea of missionary vision. One of the many interesting Catholic traditions performed at the Basilica is the blessing of objects that followers wish to have protected by the Black Christ. It is common to see cars, trucks and animals with multi colored decorations, waiting in line to be blessed. Around the Basilica you’ll find stalls selling traditional sweets, souvenirs of the Black Christ and religious paraphernalias. The Black Christ of Esquipulas, a colossal site of religion and culture.

The Colective leaves from Xela the 14th at 6.00am and come back 16th January.