In Guatemala All Saints Day is celebrated on November 1.
You can enjoy it!

Join us to our Itinerary!

Trek to Chicabal Lagoon

Departure at 6:00 am to San Martin Chile verde and then we will start the trekking to the volcano where the mystic perception that becomes even more convincing because of the shape and the fog that shrouds the volcano. This picturesque volcano mixes Mayan-Mam spirituality and stunning mountain scenery with the mysterious lake in the crater of the volcano and its mystical cloud forest.

Difficulty  level: Easy

We will back to the city around 1:00pm

At 2:00pm we will be ready to enjoy a delicious

Fiambre, Traditional Guatemalan food!

It is a Guatemalan dish that is prepared once a year on November 1st for, the Dia de los Santos. Each family has their own recipe for fiabre which is usually passed on from generation to generation.

Fiambre must be prepared with all kinds of vegetables, meats, egg and dairy; the proces starts at least one day before serving and marinated in sauce blend of vinegar and other ingredients called the caldillo.

Cemetery visit:

Around 4:00pm

Guatemalans also spend time with the family at the cemetery remembering their dead. They also fly kites to help unite the dead with the living.

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